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  • Idea system for enology and beverage markets
  • Accurate dosage of additives (arabic gum, sulfur dioxide, enzymes, colorants, acids, aromas, …)
  • System designed to dose additives before the bottling line to avoid clogging problems of the cartridges filter
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The PRO BOERA 1.A can be installed just befare the bottling line, detecting the flow of wine [or any beverage] and automatically regulating the addition of up to 3 additives at the same time. The operator just needs to input the % of concentration of the additive then the machine will be completely autonomous.

  • The dosing machine “PRO BOERA 1.A 1P” doses one additive at the time.
  • The dosing machine “PRO BOERA 1.A 2P” is composed of N. 2 dosing piston pumps and n°1 expansion card.
    It allows the dosing of two additives in the same line simultaneously, and view data of the two doses.
  • The dosing machine “PRO BOERA 1.A 3P” is composed of No.3 dosing piston pumps and n°2 expansion card.
    It allows the dosing of three additives in the same line simultaneously, and view data of the three doses


  • Detecting the flow of the main product.
  • Pumping the set quantity of additive
  • Totalisation of the values measured
  • Communication with other electronics (PC, printer, palm). By the electronic key-board, the operator can choose the quantity of additive and choose to dose manually or automatically .
  • Manually, the quantity is programmed with the + and – keys : in this case the flow of the additive is constant.
  • Automatically, using the relative keys, the operator chooses the quantity to add in percentage and activates the system (START).

As the main product goes through, the magnetic measuring device continuously measures the flow and sends the data to the electronic control unit.
The pump, operated by the control unit, supplies the correct quantity of additive.
Adjustment is done by the variation of the motor rotation speed.

  • If the quantity of main product supplied changes, the quantity of additive will change also, in order to kip the percentage constant.
  • The quantities used will be saved and stored in the memory of the machine.