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  • Batch dosing
  • Speed in the dosage to guarantee the existing hourly production
  • Suitable for handling any type of liquid: fats, oil, molasses, lecithin, creams, acids, amino acids , solvents.
  • Precise dosage for each product, from micro to macro components in aqueous, oily or solvent based form.
  • Handling micro and macro components
  • Excellent homogenization and emulsion of he liquids
  • Perfect distribution of liquids inside the mash during the mixing phase, regardless of the type of mixer
  • Suitable for handling any kind of liquid with any type of viscosity
  • Management cost reduction
  • Improving feed quality
  • Less dirt in the batch mixer
  • Reducing lumps and fines
  • Increasing production
  • Increasing moisture retention by homogenising oil and water based liquids

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The Dosamix system is the best way to add all the liquids into the mixer.

Dosing is done by accurate weighing scales, the premix of the liquids is handled by the HOMOGENISER machine which creates a homogenous solution even when combining together both water and oil based products.

This will allow :

  • Reduction of  lumps and particles of the liquids
  • Reduction of viscosity (of molasses, fats and other sticky liquids)
  • Improve the spraying phase effect
  • Improve CV “Coefficient of Variation” of the liquids mixed together with the feed
  • Improve colour  quality of the compound
  • Reduction of variation of production and consumption of the pelletizing or extruder machine
  • Saves humidity in the final feed, as the water will become  englobed  into the oil  particles
  • Steam in the conditioner will be more easily absorbed into the feed

After the homogenization, The spraying is done by our SMOG Atomiser, that guarantees small droplets and a perfect distribution into the mixer.

DM2/150 E150 LEML 1/2006
DM2/350 E350 LEML 1/2008
DM2/500 E500 LEML 3/10010
DM2/150 F150 LF 400 6006
DM2/350 F150 LF 400 6008
DM2/500 F500 LF 400 60010