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  • Ideal for adding large quantities of liquids to cereals, flours …
  • It can be a great ally for the main mixer
  • Reduces the formation of lumps in the mix
  • Very easy cleaning of the internal parts
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The intensive continuous mixer, is ideal for adding large quantities of liquids into cereals, into flours and powders in general.
lt can be used to add the liquids just after the standard batch mixer in order to reduce the dirt and lumps in the batch mixer.
lt can used to add molasses, fat, oils etc., or for the addition of other liquid additives necessary to the process.
With the MAK system, lumps are reduced or eliminated, allowing a uniform mix.
Easy to install in the existing plant configuration.
Easy internal cleaning.

General technical data:

  • Constructed in stainless steel
  • Orient able knives
  • Installable power 9 – 15 kW
  • Flow rate 20 t/hr
  • The system can be customized based on the client needs