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  • The system detects with a high accuracy the mass flow of the product that’s passing
  • The systems has a compact dimensions for easy installation on existing production line
  • Wide range of capacities: from 4 to 80 tons per hour
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Mass measuring device of continuous delivery rate, using an integrated torsion transducer and a processor of Coriolis farce data, the MSF is capable of instantaneously identifying the mass delivery rate of solid products: pellets, flours, kibbles; in general, any solid product of less than 2cm in size.

Compared with traditional weighing systems, it has the advantage of:

  • reduced bulk and ease of installation;
  • does not disperse dust into the environment ;
  • does not need calibration or special configuration on changing to different products or far different specific weights;
  • the electronic management indicates the instantaneous delivery rate and the totals;
  • is designed with a frequency output for remote control..