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  • It is a PSPA (Post Stress Powder Application) system
  • Revolutionary patented system
  • Guarantees a perfect coating of products with liquids or powders
  • Instantly identifies the mass flow rate of the products
  • Excellent homogeneity of the coated product
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The Mass Spin Coater is a revolutionary system, patented by us, for the treatment and coating of additives on solid products.
For the addition of micro quantities with a maximum capacity of 1%, the Mass Spin Coater is the machine to handle this type of coating. It’s an on-line machine that can be easily fitted in any existing plant.
Through an integrated torsion transducer and a processor of Coriolis force data, the MSC is capable of identifying the mass delivery rate of solid products (pellets, flours, kibbles…). This permits a proportional control for adding doses of additives for the process such as oils, enzymes, antibiotics…

It is used for applying either powder or liquid additives:

  • Oil: for adding small amounts of oils on the pellets;
  • Enzymes and Vitamins: adding liquid enzymes and vitamins onto the finished product;
  • Powder condensation: adding blenders in order to reduce the fine powders;
  • Humidification : increasing moisture in the finished product or in raw materials adding water and acidifiers;
  • Adding medicines: addition of powders medicines in the mash feed before pelleting in order to reduce cross-contamination in the mixer and in the transports.

With the MSC it is possible to add antibiotics, coccidiostats, vitamins etc, whether in liquid or powder form.

This process is possible thanks to the utilization of Seal4Feed™, a filming agent product of ARDA INNOVATIONS. For the use and processing of certain products, it is necessary to use the Seal4Feed™. For further information about the product, consult the following website