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  • It is an excellent system to manage even small quantities of product
  • Accurate in dosage
  • Can also reach a capacity of 500 kg batch in less than 3 minutes
  • Different types of products can be treated with a single system (granulometry, physical composition, chemical composition)
  • Compact dimensions
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The micro dosage system is used for Premix implants, for dosing additives in feed mills and for dosing ingredients in the food sector, chemical productions, etc.

MDP, Micro Dosing for powders, is a system with a standard concept but the size, capacities and logical function can be designed and adapted to suit the customer’s needs.

The batch dosing can range from a few grams up to 1000 kg.
The system is normally used as a batch dosing scale, dosing each powder individually into the weighing hopper.
Other types of configuration are possible such as loss in weight, continuous dosing and volumetric dosing.

All parts in contact with the product are constructed in stainless steel.
The MDP has been designed in order to achieve a smooth operational work process and a simple system maintenance.


    • Different range of products can be handled such as granulometry size and physical/chemical characteristics;
    • Wide range of capacity dosing, from a few grams up to many kilograms;
    • Resolution of the dosing for each additive can start from less than 1 gram resolution;
    • Speed of the batch, the feeders are able to reach up to 500 kg batch in less than 3 minutes;
    • Compact size, in only 4 square meters a carousel of 12 feeders can be housed;
    • Special products can be handled with different concept feeders (vibrating units) such as filaments, flakes, pastes for fragile products;
    • Easy working process as the systems can be supplied with the automation program complete with security switches, bar code readers, alarms, reports and traceability database;
    • Easy maintenance, MDP station contains simple but robust elements that can be easily be replaced on site;
    • Easy cleaning thanks to the fast clamps connections on the body of the feeders;
    • Modularity and expandability on the system for the customer needs and future implementation.
13+/- 0,5 gr.
1/35+/- 1 gr.
3/57,5+/- 3 gr.
5/1520+/- 15 gr.
45+/- 30 gr.
30/5075+/- 50 gr.
50/100150+/- 100 gr.
100/250350+/- 250 gr.
250/500700+/- 500 gr.
500/10001500+/- 1000 gr.
Size: square frame2200 mm
Size: heightHoppers 25 litres2200 mm
Hoppers 50 litres2500 mm
Hoppers 100 litres3500 mm
Hoppers 200 litres4000 mm
Hoppers 300 litres4700 mm
Hoppers 500 litres5200 mm