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  • Perfect homogeneity of the liquids
  • Creation of stable liquids compounds for a better distribution
  • It can be used to homogenize “swill-feeding” in pig farms, to have a better animal conversion ratio of growth.
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The homogeniser EML, thanks to the high cutting effect obtained from the mechanical and hydraulic work of the Rotor and Stator, creates a highly mixed product, reduces the size of particles, and eliminates suspended solids and lumps.
For this reason the installation of the EML in the production line allows to reduce the working times and increase the quality of the final product.
Homogenisers can be installed online or used to recycle products.

Thanks to the pump effect, it is possible to install the machine without the use of pumps, in the case when very viscous products are used, it may be better to install a pump on line.

EML is suitable for any liquid, creams and pastes or for dispersion of the powders in the liquids.

The EML can be designed for the special need of : Food, animal feed, chemical, paint, ceramic markets

EML 1.5/P1,5 KW2800 g/min3/4 gas50 LT/MINPlastic construction
EML 1.5/2001,5 KW2800 g/min3/4 gas50 LT/MINHigh mixing, low cutting
EML 1.5/3003 KW2800 g/min3/4 gas80 LT/MINHigh mixing, low cutting
EML 3/1005,5-7,5 KW1400/2800 g/min2″/DN 80200 LT/MINHigh mixing, low cutting
EML 3/40030-55 KW1400 g/minDN 100800 LT/MINHigh mixing, low cutting