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  • Accurate continuous dosing
  • Suitable for dosing acids, enzymes, colorants, stabilizers, food additives, chemicals
  • Dosage also applicable directly from the storage container
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The PIM.ELT dosing system is the most dependable, practical and multifunctional method for dosing liquid additives in small quantities, it is suitable for dosing acids, enzymes, colorants, stabilisers, food additives, chemicals…
It permits to dose the liquids directly from the storage container and to carry out dosing in continuous, proportional or batch mode.

Continuous dosage:
when receiving the enabling signal, which can be given manually by the operator or by an external authorisation, the pump starts to distribute the pre set quantities set by the operator, maintaining the data totals memorized.

Proportional continuous dosage:
this function is used when the additive dosage must be controlled in proportion to the passage of the principal product (this may be solid or liquid) and the signal may originate from a delivery rate measurer, a conveyor belt, a screw feeder…
The electronics control the delivery rate of the additive as a percentage of the principal product, and the dosage is halted when the passage of the product is stopped. The electronics unit displays the instantaneous delivery rates of all the products, with the various units of measurement, maintaining all the totals data memorized.

Batch dosage:
it is possible to set a product total value in order to stop the dosage once the set value is totally dosed. The batch dosage can be set for the main product or to the additive.
The standard version is suitable for a dosage up to 200 L/hr and is made with a magnetic transmission micro-gear pump, an additive flow sensor and the dosage electronics.
It is powered by single phase 220v.
On request, it is possible to increase the dosage up to 3 additives simultaneously.