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  • Reliable pumps for all types of liquids
  • Technical support in order to identifying the type of pump based on your needs
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Own manufacture of pumps for dosing viscous liquids:

  • PF Series: Special pumps with retractable paddles, made entirely of stainless steel for use in chemical, food, and enology markets. Suitable for the dosage and transfer of viscous fluids and fluids with particles and suspension.
    The particular structure of the pump does not ruin the product, and is furthermore suitable for low rotational speeds. Thanks to the forward flange and the rotor shrunk onto the shaft, it is suitable for applications which require continuous cleaning.
    All this is possible in a few minutes without having to dismantle the pump from the tubing. The delivery rate is from 500 to 1500 L/min.
  • GP Series: Special gear pumps made from stainless steel, supported on bearings and mechanical double seals. Suitable for corrosive and abrasive products.
    – GP10 – 600 lt/h
    – GP20 – 1200 lt/h
    – GP100 – 6000 lt/h
    – GP300 – 18000 lt/h
  • B Series: Gear pumps for various requirements and of various configurations, construction of the bodywork in steel or in cast iron, bypass valves and packing, or mechanical, seals.
    Delivery rates may be from 3 to 600 litres per minute.