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  • Batch dosing
  • Management of all the liquids in a single dosing station (fats, oils, molasses, lecithin, creams, acids, amino acids, solvents)
  • Accurate dosage for macro products in aqueous, oily or solvent based form
  • Excellent emulsion of the liquids
  • Suitable for handling any type of liquid with any viscosity
  • Benefits: Increase in production (on average 1%); the dies, pumps and dosing line will have a longer life; increase in moisture retention; reduction of lumps and fines; less cleaning time of the mixer
  • Customizable
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The weighing system MLBS for macro components liquids, allows
the dosage (up to 12 for standard machine) , the preparation of a mixture and the injection of the product.
The electronic management of the formulas calls the products one at the time in the first tank, dosing is made through load cells.
Once the dosage is done, the system starts the emulsifier F400. After mixing, the machine waits for the start of the injection pump.
The weighing system MLBS gives an excellent mixed product, saving time on cycle work.
The machines and the system can be developed according to customer requirements and products.

MLBS 150150 LF400 6008
MLBS 300300 LF400 8008
MLBS 500500 LF400 110012
MLBS 10001000 LF 400 110012
MLBS LC 150150 LF 400 600 S8
MLBS LC 150300 LF 400 800 S8