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  • Allows to apply additives and ingredients after mechanical and thermal processes without ruining their physical properties
  • Allows to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the production line
  • Reduces the consumption of liquid additives with a consequent economic saving
  • It is also suitable for large flow rates
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The coating system MT is a complete machine able to mix in line pellets, kibbles, and other granulated products with additives such as liquid enzymes, fat, digest, aromas, oil, medicines, vitamis….
The machine is used in combination with the powerful sprayer MicroSMOG and guarantees a perfect coating of the product.
Paddles are tiltable for a better performance of the machine.

The system is composed of:

  • Buffer hopper  with load cells to keep the product level constant
  • Weighing screw to detect the amount of products to be coated
  • Systems for the preparation and dosage of the liquid additive
  • Coater MT complete with two shafts and adjustable paddles to mix and hold the product in suspension
  • Motorized sprayers type Micro Smog.
  • Electronic device used to identify the instantaneous flow of the product and to determine the right amount of additive set by the operator, increasing or decreasing according to the product flow rate.

MT 100.5-10 TON/H0.01-12%4 + 4 KW – H3+ 3WITH HEATING
MT 303-30 TON/H0.01-12%4 + 4 KW – H3+ 3WITH HEATING
MT 505-50 TON/H0.01-12%5 +5 KW – H3+ 3WITH HEATING
MT 10010-70 TON/H0.01-12%5 +5 KW – H3+ 3WITH HEATING
MT 30 SC3-30 TON/H0.01-8%4 + 4 K WWITHOUT HEATING