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  • Revolutionary patented system
  • Guarantees a perfect coating of products with liquids or powders
  • Instantly identifies the mass flow rate of the products
  • Excellent homogeneity of the coated product
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The Mass Spin Coater is a revolutionary system, patented by us, for the treatment and coating of additives on solid products.

For the addition of micro liquids with a maximum capacity of 1%, the Mass Spin Coater is the machine to handle this type of coating. It’s an on-line machine that can be easily fitted in any existing plant.

Through an integrated torsion transducer and a processor of Coriolis force data, the MSC is capable of identifying the mass delivery rate of solid products (pellets, flours, kibbles…). This permits a proportional control for adding doses of additives for the process such as oils, enzymes, antibiotics…

It is used for applying either powder or liquid additives:

  • Oil: for adding small amounts of oils on the pellets
  • Enzymes and Vitamins: adding liquid enzymes and vitamins onto the finished product
  • Powder condensation: adding blenders in order to reduce the fine powders
  • Humidification : increasing moisture in the finished product or in raw materials adding water and acidifiers
  • Adding medicines: addition of powders medicines in the mash feed before pelleting in order to reduce cross-contamination in the mixer and in the transports