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  • Allows to apply additives and ingredients after mechanical and thermal processes without ruining their physical properties
  • Allows to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the production line
  • It has a “gentle” movement that permits to not damage the product and therefore makes it excellent for applications even in the food sector. (croutons, snacks, almonds, chips, etc.)
  • Reduces the consumption of liquid additives with a consequent economic saving
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The coating system DRUM COATER is a complete machine, able to coat in line pellets, kibbles, potatoes sticks, cubed vegetables, oat flakes, corn flakes, puffed rice, cereals, rice etc.

It used for:

  • The treatment and tanning of seeds or for the addition of pesticides.
  • For the addition of liquid additives such as enzymes, fat, digest, spices, oil, olive oil, antibiotics, vitamins, colours, chocolate, caramel, sugars, etc.
  • Adding powder additives such as flavours, spices, salt, cocoa, enzymes, antibiotics, colours, etc.

The drum has a system valve on the outlet, allowing small batches of product to be mixed with a longer retention time.

This ensures an excellent coating over the entire surface of the product, even with small percentages of additive.

The system is composed of:

  • Top hopper with load cells to keep the level of the product constant
  • Weighing screw to detect the amount of product to be coated
  • System for the preparation and dosage of the additive
  • Complete with stainless steel or painted support structure, the rotating drum is driven by a gear motor, has a linear actuator to adjust the inclination of the drum, loading and unloading hoppers
  • Complete with motorized or static sprayers.
  • An electronic device used to identify the instantaneous flow of the product and to determine the right amount of additive imported by the operator, increasing or decreasing according to the product flow rate.
DC 600600 MM2000 MM0.1 – 2 TON/H0,01 – 10%
DC 800800 MM2000 MM0.5- 4 TON/H0,01 – 10%
DC 10001000 MM2000 MM1-8 TON/H0,01 – 10%
DC 600 XL600 MM3400 MM0.1-3 TON/H0,01 – 15%
DC 800 XL800 MM3400 MM0.5-5 TON/H0,01 – 15%
DC 1000 XL1000 MM3400 MM1-12 TON/H 0,01 – 15%