PROCESS HYGIENE, Sterilizing the process line

2020 will remain in the memory of all people worldwide due to the outbreak of COVID-19. While it’s important to protect our self and others from this contagious viruse, this period is also making us realize how dangerous and unexpected these small organisms can be.

PLP SYSTEMS working towards the prevention of pathogens such as moulds, salmonella and many other common and also less common bacteria’s, has developed a semiautomated machine called AADU that distributes acids, powders or other disinfectant powder form, into the process line, batch mixers, transports, elevators etc… in order to sanitize the entire process line.
The unit is on wheels and compact, ideal for moving it around the plant. The storage hopper is provided with an HEPA aspiration filter that gets in operation during the manual filling for storing the powders. A precise dosing screw feeds the powder into a Venuti ejector and from there the powder is distributed all around the process line.

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