CARDESA is an automatic system for manual dosing for micro powder components.
The system is used for the semi-automatic compilation of recipes. In feed mills, very often a large number of powder ingredients are used, which are added in small quantities and for this, sometimes it’s not convenient to use automatic dosing systems. The Cardesa systems allow the products to be stored all in a single space, which is customized according to customer needs. The operator, through a control panel placed on the machine, will be able to automatically call the product requested by the formula. Cardesa, automatically will bring the product in front of the operator, who will be able to take it and weigh it in the scale placed next to the operator panel. When the scale reaches the weight indicated in the formula, it will stop and authorize the operator to proceed to the next phase. When the bag of product inside the case is finished, it can be replaced with another bag; this operation has a double security level given by a barcode systems, or similar systems.
The PLC integrated in the Cardesa, will advise if the components are finishing or under the minimum level of quantity programmed in order to plan the replacement of the bag or the purchasing of the powder.


The various powder components, contained in bags, are placed in boxes with containment sides. Each box has its identification address. The control system includes a PLC Touch with the display of the programmed recipes, the required weight, the actual weight, data storage, operator traceability management, date and recipe. The internal movement of the bags is automatic, based on the request of the programmed recipe.


Thanks to this system, the company will have significant advantages:

  • Raw materials stored in a single space with reduced dimensions.
  • The operator will not incur any possible errors, because thanks to the automatic picking system, the correct product will be selected.
  • Thanks to the accurate scale on the system, the product will be dosed exactly as required in the formulation without having problems of overdosing or under dosing.
  • The system will be able to communicate with the dosing system of the plant to ensure the entire traceability of the production batch.
  • The system is ergonomic and easy to use, is a compact systems that avoids dispersion in the environment of the powders.
  • During the withdrawal phase, in automatic the aspiration systems with a filter ( EPA certified) is put into operation to avoid contamination of the environment and of the operators.
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